Sunday, April 17, 2011

Warming Sock Treatment: Home Hydrotherapy

What is the warming sock treatment effective for?
The cold sock hydrotherapy treatment is an easy and effective treatment that can be used to relieve nasal and head congestion and to stimulate the immune system (specifically in the upper respiratory tract) while you sleep. This treatment is particularly effective in relieving symptoms of common colds and flu’s such as runny nose, sore throat, ear aches, head aches, and sinus infections.  

What will you need?
1 pair of wool socks
1 pair of cotton socks
cold water
hot water or a heating pack

1. Wet the wool socks under the cold tap water then ring them out so that they are not dripping. 
2. Fill foot basin with hot water and soak feet for at least 10 minutes or until they are warm and pink.  This step may be skipped if you are already warm or hot.  
3.  Dry off your feet and put the wet wool socks on followed by cotton socks over top.
4. Get into bed with both socks on, and overnight you should dry and warm them.   

For best results, his treatment can be used on consecutive nights until symptoms subside.

Information for this pamphlet was taken from Lectures in Naturopathic Hydrotherapy. (1998) Boyle & Saine and class notes (Hydrotherapy, Dr.Mather)

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